Sharp MX-3071 & 3070V Office Printing Solutions

Sharp MX-3071 copier

There are multiple office printing solutions available today. Finding the best one to meet your specific needs can be difficult. Let us help you! Below, we compare a couple of copiers that have served many offices well. Take a look to see if either of these look like a fit for your business. If they are not, give us a call and we can help you find the perfect match.

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Sharp MX-3070V

Considered a versatile and streamlined device, the Sharp MX-3070V becomes the solution for medium to larger offices. This copier prints off 30 pages per minute in color and 30 pages per minute in monochrome, and if you select color prints, it will print off an outstanding print with brilliant color. The Sharp MX-3070V functions at a fast and dependable rate.

As a newer model, the makers at Sharp decided to design this one with all the latest printing technologies, and you have a copier made for a seamless experience. As far as dpi resolution goes, you will get 1200 x 1200, which helps to make better prints. You want a copier where you can be confident that you will get the prints right the first time. Sharp has a reputation for security features, and the Sharp MX-3070V is no different.

Some of the features that you will get with the MX-3070V include:

  • 500 GB hard drive disk
  • Automatic walk-up motion sensor
  • Quad-core multi-tasking controller
  • Duplex printing capabilities
  • Wireless connectivity for mobile prints

Through the Sharp MX-3070V, you can print off the necessary documents with greater ease than ever before. If your office has a pile of printer tasks piling up and causing a massive line at the copier, you may find it useful to invest in the Sharp MX-3070. Everything about this copier has been designed for the best capabilities in the modern office. You can print pages more quickly with this system, and you will get a hassle-free way for doing it.


Sharp MX-3071

An all-color device, the Sharp MX-3071 gives you plenty of reasons to love it. You have many reasons that you might want to go out and buy this copier. It becomes an invaluable tool in the office, and you get an enhanced solution that will optimize your productivity in the workplace. When you go to use this copier, it will allow for mobile connectivity, scanning and flexible workflow to give you the best results.

Some of the reasons to love this copier include:

  • 30 pages per minute in color and 30 in monochrome
  • Duplex printing capabilities
  • Automatic walk-up motion sensor
  • Award-winning touchscreen
  • Cutting edge printing securities

With the Sharp MX-3071, the company has a reputation for getting tough on security. You will be hard-pressed to find a copier company out there that takes it more seriously. What a lot of people don't realize is that you have a lot of valuable confidential data on your copier that needs protecting. Some of the robust security features on this copier include data encryption, access control and S/MIME.

The Sharp MX-3071 includes some of the latest energy-saving technologies. You have everything that could matter with this copier like a fast warm-up time, low TEC value and low power consumption. Everything about this copier has been designed to support your money-saving goals. In the end, the Sharp MX-3071 sets the goal to use your resources in the most effective manner possible. You can execute your goals in an environment with an ever-changing workflow.