Can The Sharp MX-5070V & MX-5071 Copiers Meet Your Company’s Needs?

As demands grow, print, copy, scan, fax needs increase  for a business. That is where these copiers come in and meet those needs. In this article, we are looking at what the Sharp MX-5070V & MX-5071 are capable of.

Sharp MX-5070V

The Sharp MX-5070V offers a stunning color output, and you get intuitive use with this copier. The makers at Sharp designed this copier for ease, and all the office features only serve to enhance it further. You want to have full confidence that your copier will come out correct the first time. The Sharp MX-5070V employs powerful multitasking function, and you can quickly execute your work tasks.

As always, Sharp offers comes up with an awesome product to pass onto customers. You can scan up to 200 images per minute and a walk-up motion sensor. An awesome document feeder gets included with this copier. You get some powerful features included with this copier that enhance the workflow and help you to be more effective in the work environment.

Some of the features of this copier include:

  • 50 pages per minute in monochrome / 50 pages per minute in color
  • 10.1-inch color touchscreen
  • Warm-up time takes less than 10 seconds
  • First copy in the first 6.7 seconds
  • Built-in retractable keyboard

When you buy the Sharp MX-5070V, you get a standard duplex feature that lets you copy on both sides. This saves on paper especially when you want to act in the best interests of the environment. With this copier, you will also get security features like 256-bit encryption, SSL encryption, user authentication and account management. If you’re interested to learn more about the Sharp MX-5070V, contact Creative Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia. We have competitive pricing that you will find agreeable.

Sharp MX-5071

For those in the office looking for a new copier, you might want to try the Sharp MX-5071. What makes this copier better than the other choices? You have a few things that distinguish the Sharp MX-5071, such as it winning the 2019 Copier MFP Line of the Year Award. In addition, the won the BLI Pacesetter in ease of use, and this copier has many of the enhancements of today that help to bring it into the world of today. You get everything from enhanced productivity to an intuitive customer experience.

Some of the things that help the Sharp MX-5071 stand out from its competition include:

  • Duplex capabilities
  • 50 ppm in black and white and color
  • Automatic walk-up motion sensor
  • Mobile printing with ease
  • Simple and intuitive everyday operation

With the Sharp MX-5071, you get a paper tray capacity of 6,300 sheets of paper maximum. You can also print off your requirements with ease, and you get superb image quality with 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution.

Through this copier, you will also get some of the latest energy-saving features that help to make this copier much better than some of the other choices on the market.

In particular, this copier makes a lot of sense if you have a larger office with a higher demand for printing. In a place like this, having a slower copier can slow down the amount of work that you can do. That’s why this can be useful.

“Creative Office Solutions came to our office to install a new copier machine. Excellent experience! Professional, communicative, and ensured they met our expectations.”

– Emily Whitworth
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