Cartridge Collection Program

Close up of ink cartridges in a printer.

Recycle up to 95% of the plastic used in our toner cartridges for free. 

Go Green with COS’s Cartridge Collection Program

At Creative Office Solutions, we believe in enhancing every aspect of your workplace. That includes improving your carbon footprint.

With our special Cartridge Collection Program, you can reduce the amount of waste created by your office. We make it easy to recycle your used toner and ink cartridges. We can even help you recycle your old office equipment!

Benefits of COS’s Cartridge Collection Program

Creative Office Solutions' Cartridge Collection Program gives you these great benefits:

No Cost to You

Our program is absolutely free. We’ll provide you with one of our toner collection boxes. You can go about your businesses, and we’ll come by periodically to empty your box. It’s that simple!

No Inconvenience

Our program won’t interrupt your processes in any way. You won’t need to stop what you’re doing or change any of your daily activities. You just need to drop your used cartridges in your collection box, and we take care of the rest.

Greater Environmental Responsibility

With almost no effort at all on your part, our Cartridge Collection Program enables your business to become more environmentally conscientious. We help you do your part in preserving the planet we all share.

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To discuss how our Cartridge Collection Program can help you manage waste better, contact us via our Get Started page.