Choosing the Perfect Copier for Your Law Firm


There are two ways to buy copiers: you can choose the one that looks the biggest and best, or you can do a little bit of research and find the machine that will fit perfectly into your law firm. Of course, everyone wants to try the latter–but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Here are a few tips to make your copier-choosing journey a little bit easier!

The Best Fit

When it comes to multifunction copiers, you have a ton of choices. But that doesn’t mean that every device on the market will be a good fit for your law firm. Sure, plenty of them will do their job and help you get your work done, but you don’t want “good enough.” What you want is a machine that enables you to boost efficiency, eliminate frustrations, save money, and achieve new things, all while happily coexisting with your workflows and tech.

That sounds like a tall order–but don’t worry. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you get the best copiers for your law firm:

  • Step one: Consider your environment.

This is the most important thing you can do when choosing new machines. Remember, you want something that doesn’t just fill your needs. You will want something that goes above and beyond to help you achieve your goals, make better use of your document management software, and boost efficiency throughout your law firm.

  • Step two: Ask yourself what’s most important.

Although multifunction copiers can do a lot, they can’t do everything. Make sure you know what your priorities are (like speed, output capacity, color options, or finishing options) so you can find the right fit.

  • Step three: Don’t overlook security.

Remember, if the copier doesn’t fit into your existing security procedures or doesn’t come with security settings of its own, it will be a liability instead of an asset. Only consider machines that will help keep your law firm safe and secure.

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