Covid-19 has resulted in more people working from home over the last few months, but things are gradually returning to the more normal, and offices are starting to open again. One of the things that many businesses still need, despite the internet, is physical copies of documents.

Your office copier may need repair sometimes

These can be required by many different types of business. For instance, law firms can require masses of documents to present to a court. Take the very recent case of Johnny Depp v Amber Heard. Although that was held in London, and Depp lost, can you imagine the amount of copies of documents that were needed by law firms to present to the court? It must have run into the thousands.

What about accountants? They need to produce copies of documents for their clients which can be presented to the Internal Revenue in order to show proof of expenses and all sorts of other things which contribute towards keeping their clients’ tax bills to the minimum, which is, after all, what they are paid to do.

And that is just two types of business. Architects need to produce copies of masses of drawings that demonstrate the detail of a building or whatever else they are designing on behalf of a client. Those drawing are needed to produce a 3D printed prototype of the building.

It Goes on: Copiers Keep Copying Because Folks Needs Copies

It goes on and on. Just because we have the internet, and, yes, you can send copies electronically – physical copies of all sorts of documents are needed daily in many businesses, which is why copier manufacturers such as Sharp and many others are still in business and doing very well, thank you.

However, even top-class copiers such as the ones produced by Sharp can go wrong sometimes, and it is then that you need Atlanta copier repair, and in most cases it is urgent. If you are preparing papers for a court case, they have to be there for the judge and jury to see. Just because your copier broke down, that is not an acceptable excuse, and this is why, at Creative Office Solutions, we provide Atlanta copier repair at short notice. In fact, we offer you a guarantee of our service technician being with you in four hours or less for Atlanta copier repair if you call us before 1.00 pm. 

That means that if your copier breaks down, we will have you back up and running again faster than any other competitor in the metro Atlanta area. That’s because we are based in Marietta and we know that your copier is an essential part of your business. Time is money, after all.

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