Creative Office Solutions Can Help Cut Your Office Equipment Costs

When you own or are the office manager of a business in and around Atlanta, Georgia, one of your tasks is to reduce the costs of your office equipment such as printers or copiers. But how do you actually calculate your costs? There is the upfront cost of purchasing or leasing, there is the cost of supplies, there is the cost of employee downtime if you have problems, and then there is the cost of repairs.

Reducing office equipment overhead with Creative Office Solutions

At Creative Office Solutions, we are based in Marietta and we cover the whole of the Atlanta Metro area. Our team of representatives can help you with a true evaluation of your office equipment costs and advise on ways to keep office equipment costs to the minimum.

There are so many things to take into consideration. For instance, if you need to upgrade a copier or printer, is it best to purchase a new one outright or would you be better off leasing it? You might be surprized to learn that in many instances you would be better off leasing rather than buying.

Why? Because when you buy a new printer or copier you have the upfront cost of the machine, quite obviously. That money could be better spent on something that is going to make you money rather than an overhead. Then you have the fact that when that copier or printer has reached the end of its’ useful life in a few years’ time you are going to have to buy another one.

Technology Is Moving Forward

However, in the meantime, technology is moving forward apace and perhaps in two or three years there will have been dramatic advances in what the machines can do, so you would already love to upgrade, but your budget says that you can’t. You are stuck with an older machine that doesn’t have the latest capabilities simply because you bought it outright. With leasing, you can usually upgrade when it suits you.

Furthermore, another advantage of leasing a machine is that you simply pay for it as you use it. It can make a lot of sense for many businesses and can reduce their office equipment costs.

One of our representatives can also look at your overall usage of your copiers and printers. If you have a big office with many machines there could be ways in which you could use a less expensive machine in some areas. Top of the range is not always a necessity, especially for the smaller business.

At Creative Office Solutions, we are just that – creative. We supply a wide range of different makes of copiers and printers, but we are also machine agnostic. We don’t recommend something just because it is the most expensive. Our mission is to give you the best copier or printer for your needs and keep your office equipment costs to the minimum because we are in it for the long term and we want to keep your business.

“Creative Office Solutions came to our office to install a new copier machine. Excellent experience! Professional, communicative, and ensured they met our expectations.”

– Emily Whitworth
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