Creative Office Solutions Provides High-End Printer Repair

Printer repair can be a funny old topic. What we mean by that is that, if you are a single person with a home office and a cheap printer, we really can’t help you. Sad to say, but its’ true. There is probably nobody who can help you, because in most instances it is cheaper to throw the printer away rather than repair it. Seriously! Look, you can buy something such as a Canon Pixma TR4520 for as little as 60 bucks, so why bother repairing something that cheap?

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However, if you run a business here in the Metro Atlanta area and you have a high-end printer, then you really do want to get it fixed. In most instances it will be a lot cheaper to have us repair it at Creative Office Solutions than it will be go hunting for a replacement. Let’s face it, we all want to keep business overheads to a minimum, particularly after Covid-19, and if we can give your printer another three or four years of life, why ever not? Every cent counts these days.

We Repair All The Major Printer Brands

We can help with high-end printer repair of all the major brands such as HP, Lexmark, Canon, Kyocera, and more. What’s more, we won’t keep you waiting. We know that when your printer goes down it can cause real problems with your work-flow, so we ensure that all service calls received from Metro Atlanta businesses are processed within four hours or less. We are based in Marietta, GA, and our mission is to ensure that you can keep your business running.

Not only do we service printers, but we also supply all the top brands. We take the view that our job is to find the right copier for your individual needs, and those may be very different from the business next door. Our aim is not to sell you the most expensive printer to make the most profit – (unless it is the right one for your business) but to assess your requirements and needs today and as your business progresses, and advise you accordingly. Of course, the decision is always yours, but we work to see that you get the right printer.

We also manufacture toner cartridges here in Georgia which are compatible with HP, Dell, Canon, Brother, and many more printers, and by using our COS toner cartridges you can save up to 20% over other brands. This can add up to a great saving over the year. In addition, we have a recycling program for toner cartridges. We can let you have a toner cartridge recycling box which we will deliver free to your office and collect free of charge when it is full, thus reducing your carbon footprint.

“Creative Office Solutions came to our office to install a new copier machine. Excellent experience! Professional, communicative, and ensured they met our expectations.”

– Emily Whitworth
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Sharp is the #1 brand for copiers in the metro Atlanta area. Call for a quote!

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We manufacture toner cartridges right here in Marietta, GA. Try them out!

Our service department beats industry’s standards for equipment repair.