Introducing Sharp MX-2630N & MX-2651 Office Copiers

Today we’re looking at a couple of great office copiers by Sharp. Not all copier are created equal. That’s why we are sharing the details for you here, to help you make a better decision for your next office printer/ copier.

Sharp MX-2630N

Looking for a great new copier? The Sharp MX-2630N prints out color that will breathe life into your copies. Manufacturers made this copier for outstanding ease, and a seamless and intuitive experience for customers. You want your job to come out perfect in the first attempt, and this copier helps you do it.

Some of the biggest highlights include:

  • 26 pages per minute in color and 26 in black and white
  • 250 GB Hard Disk Drive
  • Customizable touch screen with high resolution
  • Optional wireless connectivity through mobile devices

This system will create a document that delivers the productivity needed. Through the Sharp MX-2630N, you have reliable and consistent performance. If you have ever worked in an office, you understand the importance of consistency with copiers. One minute, the copier operates, the next it doesn’t. We work in an office environment where the work piles up, and most business owners can’t afford to have copier down for hours or days on end. You need a solid copier, and it becomes a business investment to have a dependable one.

The Sharp MX-2630N provides a host of security features to keep your intellectual property and confidential information safe. This Energy Star certified copier will also take up less energy than some of your other copiers on the market. In total, you get a maximum paper tray capacity of 6,300 sheets of paper. You can handle many of your output needs with this copier, and it will do it with exceptional smoothness.

Sharp MX-2651

Everyone wants to find the copier that will perform the best in the office and complete the work tasks piling up. To do that, you have to do your research carefully, but the Sharp MX-2651 uses the latest copying technologies. It has the reliability of the modern copier needed in the workplace today.

The copier of today has become the beating heart of the office. When the copier malfunctions, everything else in the office runs less smoothly. In addition, your employees get behind on their work. You want an easy-to-use copier, and you want the confidence of knowing that you will get the job done right.

Some of the awesome features included in the Sharp MX-2651 include:

  • Award-winning customized touch screen
  • 500 GB Hard Disk Drive
  • 26 pages minute in color and black and white
  • Most advanced security features of today
  • Mobile print capabilities

The versatile design of the Sharp MX-2651 allows you to do many things with this copier. The makers at Sharp designed it with the purpose of helping the larger work groups, and this works well for those who need a higher output capability. Through this copier, you can accomplish far more in less time.

Using the Sharp MX-2651, you get some key features needed to perform your work in the modern-day office. Everything about the MX-2651 gives you the competitive edge to perform better than much of the competition. Sharp has a reputation for its eco-friendly practices, and this copier will contribute a significant level of savings.

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