Introducing The Sharp MX-4070V & MX-4071 Color Printers

Sharp MX-4070V copier - printer

These higher capacity copiers are great for businesses with higher than normal copy and printing demands. Continue reading below for more details about these 2 reliable office photocopiers:

Sharp MX-4070V

You get stunning color output with the Sharp MX-4070V, and the ease of use has made this copier a popular one. When we look at the print speed, you get 40 pages per minute in color and 40 pages per minute in black and white. In addition, the Sharp MX-4070V also comes with duplex capabilities. You have an automatic walk-up motion sensor, and this copier draws its inspiration from the most advanced technology of today.

Sharp produces professional-level document output, and they designed this copier with the express purpose of business use. In particular, this will best suit a medium to larger sized office because of the output speed and some of the other specifications. It makes it a better choice than some of the others. In total, you get a paper sheet capacity of 2,100, and you have a 3,000-sheet cassette tray available.

Like with many of the printers of today, you can save a lot on paper. The other advantage of this copier includes a bigger touchscreen than many of the others at 10.1 inches. You also get a built-in retractable keyboard to add to the level of convenience. When you look at the touchscreen itself, you have a highly graphical and intuitive interface for the maximum level of convenience.

The Sharp MX-4070V provides you with tons of benefits and reasons to go out and buy this copier. It becomes an invaluable tool in the office, and you have many energy-efficient features that will only serve to make it better.

Sharp MX-4071

Looking at the Sharp MX-4071, this copier hands you some of the latest technology designed to deliver on features, performance and reliability. In the workplace of today, you can’t overvalue the cost of a dependable copier because it becomes an asset for your business. When you have a copier that breaks down every four to five days, you understand the level of frustration that can take place.

You get some powerful multitasking features, and this copier will enable them so that you can execute your workflow tasks quickly and easily. Today’s office environments have a busy energy, and you get 1200 x 1200 dpi with this copier. This copier prints off 40 pages per minute in color and 40 pages per minute in black and white. The ultimate goal behind all this becomes about delivering the maximum level of convenience to users.

Let’s have a look at the list of available features and what this copier offers:

  • Cutting edge security
  • 500 GB hard disk drive
  • 40 PPM in black and white and 40 PPM in color
  • Walk-up motion sensor
  • Award-winning customizable touchscreen

Another one of the advantages of the output speed comes from the fact that it doesn’t go too fast, and it doesn’t go too slow. When you get too much faster than this, your copier will usually need more repairs.

You get seamless and intuitive experience from the Sharp MX-4071. In addition, it’s easy to use, and it keeps up with the workflow tasks in the office of today.



“Creative Office Solutions came to our office to install a new copier machine. Excellent experience! Professional, communicative, and ensured they met our expectations.”

– Emily Whitworth
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