Leasing a Printer for Your Atlanta Metro Business May Be Better Than Buying

When you are considering buying a new printer for your business, you may not be aware that there are other options which could be better than buying for a number of reasons. For many a smaller business that needs a printer (and that is a lot of them) an Atlanta printer lease might be a better deal.

Leasing a printer may have some advantages for your Atlanta business

Apart from the large sum required up front, one has to remember that technology is always on the move in the 21st century and this means that today’s all-singing, all-dancing printer may become obsolete in five years’ time.

Another thing that one should remember is that today’s printers are not just printers but are multi-functional. They can combine a lot of different functions into one machine such as copier, scanner, fax machine, colour printer as well as black and white, pdf writer, and document manager – sending files to email. What this means is that when you have an all-in-one machine such as this and it comes to the time to upgrade or renew it you can upgrade all functions in one machine instead of having different machines all over the office which have become outdated. This is another very good reason for considering an Atlanta printer lease instead of capital purchase.

Another Thing To Consider

Here is another consideration: as your business grows it may well be that you need to upgrade your printer before it has reached the end of its serviceable life for reasons of speed and greater volume required, for example. If you have an Atlanta printer lease you have the option to trade up to a newer model with the additional features that you need whenever it suits you. If you purchased the printer outright, you are basically stuck with it until it reaches the end of its’ designed life: either that, or you have to invest in a new one and get rid of the model which no longer fulfils your purpose.

Furthermore, with a printer lease you can choose the option which fits in with your budget over a period which makes the payments comfortable. This means that you can have the printer that you need today with the functions that you need without any capital expenditure, or without taking out a bank loan or overdraft. Not only that, but you would then have that capital tied up in an asset which is depreciating from the day you install it in the office, whereas with a lease you can use that capital for more important things than a machine sitting in the office which you can proudly claim to own. Where is the benefit in that?

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