Leasing Your Office Printers and Copiers in Atlanta May Be Better Than Buying

Here’s a fun fact: many Atlanta businesses to not buy their printers and copiers, preferring to lease them instead. At Creative Office Solutions, we can sell you a printer if you wish to buy, but you may prefer to consider the advantages of printer leasing in Atlanta.

Quite obviously, one of the very first advantages of printer leasing in Atlanta is that you do not have to part with a large chunk of cash in one go. Not only do you save that, but it can be a daunting investment because you may be faced with the prospect of it becoming obsolete in five years’ time.

Leasing a Printer in Atlanta Georgia

In most businesses you earn revenue as you go, so paying for a printer as you use it makes sense. Why pay out a lump sum when if you lease you can pay manageable fixed payments over a period of time? Furthermore, payments on a leasing arrangement are not affected by changes in interest rates, so you will know in advance exactly how much you will pay.

Leasing a printer is a business expense, as is buying it. However, when you lease the printer, not only do you not pay out a lump sum up front, but you can claim against tax as you go, whether you are making monthly or quarterly payments: each can be claimed against tax.

A Printer Depreciates Quickly

Another very important point about printer leasing in Atlanta is that a printer is not an asset that appreciates. Indeed, a printer will depreciate faster than many purchased assets, so you are better off saving purchasing for assets that either appreciate, or at least do not depreciate so much.

Printers are constantly being updated and having new functions added, and this means that the printer you buy can become obsolete fairly quickly. So you may be “stuck” with a printer that you buy because it has not served its’ full term and/or you may not be able to afford a chunk of money to invest in new. When you buy a printer, at the end of its’ life you can only buy another one and dispose of the old one: certainly, you may get a “trade-in” but it won’t be very much because the company selling a new one probably won’t be able to sell your old one, so you will only get a token amount.

When you lease, you can also choose the printer that is right for your business with the functions that you need and the required print speed so that you instantly get the very latest machine without any capital outlay. In many cases you can also choose the payment option – normally up to five years, so there can be a lot of benefits to leasing as opposed to purchasing.

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– Emily Whitworth
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