What is the best way to outsmart a cybercriminal? We get this question a lot from our Atlanta-area businesses. The best way to do so is to implement multi-layered security. This protects your network, server, and database.

This kind of security approach will protect against all stages of an attack and prevent any access that is unauthorized leading to ransomware and phishing threats. When providing adequate defense against the dark web, training and password management should be enforced. As we partner along with SHARP, they have released “15 Ways to Protect Your Business From a Cyberattack,” these being: Security Assessment, Spam Email, Passwords, Security Awareness, Computer Updates, Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response, Multi-Factor Authentication, Dark Web Research, SIEM/ Log Management, Web Gateway Security, Mobile Device Security, Firewall, Encryption, Backup, and Small Business.

The Importance of a Security Assessment

In Security Assessment, it’s important to establish a clear understanding of vulnerabilities. Do you remember the last time your company did this? Spam most commonly occurs within email. You can select a service to filter this out. It’s also crucial to use screen timeouts when employees are logged in and to not write passwords down on sticky notes or on one’s desk. Next, train your users on the regular! Make sure you update Adobe, Java and Microsoft software. Endpoint Security should be used and Multi-Factor Authentication helps. Turn on Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention features. You can also send logged files to an SIEM. Backup, backup, backup! Know your enemy and don’t put it past them to attack small business.

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We help Atlanta-area businesses with complete office equipment solutions. Whether it’s printers or copiers, or multifunction machines for your business office, give our helpful rep’s a call. Security is one of the features we draw attention to, but costs and ROIs are others.

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