Recycling Box

COS cartridge recycling boxes are available at NO cost for metro Atlanta businesses!

These 18" x 28" colorful boxes are designed to brighten up your office place and motivate your coworkers to recycle used toner cartridges.

At Creative Office Solutions, we believe in enhancing every aspect of your workplace. That includes improving your carbon footprint.

With our special Cartridge Collection Program, you can reduce the amount of waste created by your office. We make it easy to recycle your used toner and ink cartridges. We can even help you recycle your old office equipment!

Metro Atlanta businesses

All you have to do is let us know that you would like to recycle your used toner cartridges and we will have a cartridge collection box out to your location for free. Delivery and pick-up is free. Recycling has never been this easy.

Businesses outside of the metro Atlanta area

Shipping labels will be provided for all businesses outside of the metro Atlanta area that would like to recycle their used toner cartridges. Tape 4 toner cartridges boxes together with used cartridges inside. Add the shipping label and send them our way.

New collection box