Reducing Costs at an Atlanta Law Firm & a Hospital: Two Stories of Success

An Atlanta based law firm with several locations was tasked to reduce overall cost relating to print. The firm did not have a specific vendor to order materials from or a defined method. Printing materials were ordered using various methods and locations depending on who ordering and from what location. This led to varying costs from month to month and made budgeting unrealistic. Countless hours were also spent by employees trying to manage the consumables, software and endless repairs.

COS rolled out a Proprietary Software to monitor all print/ copy/ scan devices. The usage reports from these devices helped us identify key problems and create a 3-phase program. These phases being:

1) Monitor and Evaluate.
2) Replace and Refresh.
3) Manage and Plan.

The implementation of this plan lead to all devices being monitored to gain usage data to make the most beneficial decisions for the firm. Some units needed to be replaced immediately merely because of how costly they were. We then planned for refreshes based on age and software needs of devices. This helped manage the fleet of consumable costs and work with OEMs to plan for consistent refreshes. The law firm was finally able to create a manageable and trackable cost structure along with gaining a 26% increase in their savings from switching to COS.

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A Hospital Success Story

On the other hand, a local Atlanta metro hospital had a primary objective to go green by 2018. While they had many initiatives one that got some attention was the use of toner products, primarily toner cartridges for printing devices and toner for copying machines. Historically, the hospital used toner consumable and disposed spent cartridges into the garbage. That’s when we came in. Creative Office Solutions created an environmentally friendly program to collect the cores of toners throughout the hospital chain by dispensing our recycling toner box. We strategically place around 2-20 collection containers in each facility. COS then designed a collection schedule to ensure that toner containers were collected in a timely manner based on collection history. We then provided the hospital with easy-to-read monthly reports that outlined the amount of recycled material. During the first year, the hospital recycled 5000 pounds of material which helped it get one step closer to its sustainability goals. COS also went one step further and analyzed the returned toner cartridges instead of them being returned empty. We addressed the problem to the hospital’s IT department, and they followed up with the users to explore potential installation or usage issues.

It is important to us here at COS that we value each and every one of our clients and their differentiability. We understand that different industries require different results and we are here to guide you through all of your questions and ensure that your all of your office equipment needs are met in a timely and sustainable manner.

If you are in the Atlanta area, reach out to us for a quote and assessment on your copier, printer, and office equipment needs!