Should You Buy a Printer or Lease a Printer Instead?

When you need a new printer for your office, you obviously want to get the best, and if you are anywhere in the Atlanta Metro area that means that you need to talk to Creative Office Solutions. We are based in Marietta, but we service the whole of the Atlanta Metro area, and we will be happy to send out one of our experts to visit you and advise you of the best printer for your needs. Printer requirements can vary quite considerably depending upon the nature of your business, so making sure that you get the right one for you is paramount.

Buy or lease a new printer?

We provide a whole range of different printers including HP, Canon, Sharp, Kyocera, and so on, and we are brand agnostic. In other words, we don’t recommend one particular printer because it’s the most expensive. We want to form a long-term relationship with every customer and the only way to do that is to analyze your needs so that we can recommend the printer that is the best fit for your business.

Buy Or Lease A Printer?

There is another consideration too, and that is whether you buy a printer or lease one. We might recommend printer leasing rather than buying one outright, but again that is subject to the best route for your particular business and situation.

For many Atlanta Georgia businesses, particularly the smaller business, printer leasing might be the best option. If you lease rather than buy, it means that you don’t have to spend a large chunk of cash up front, but in effect pay as you use the printer. Furthermore, if you buy a printer there is always the possibility that it might be obsolete in five years’ time, as new machines with greater capabilities are produced.

Many businesses earn income over time, so paying as you use makes sense, and of course you can use the money that you would have spent on buying the printer for more important things. After all, an office printer is simply an overhead and is only going to depreciate in value as time passes. Furthermore, as time passes and new technology develops, you can upgrade to a new printer when it suits you without having to fork out a lump sum again.

In addition, there may be tax advantages to printer leasing rather than purchasing, because the regular payments go down as a business expense and are therefore tax deductible.

However, when you need a new printer, call us at Creative Office Solutions and we will take a look at the way your office  functions, requirements for speed, volume, and so on, and we can recommend the right printer for your individual business. Then you can decide whether an outright purchase or leasing is the best for your business model. Whether your business is in Atlanta proper or in one of the suburbs like Alpharetta or Roswell Georgia, our technicians and rep’s are happy to answer the proverbial question: is it better to buy, or lease, an office printer?

“Creative Office Solutions came to our office to install a new copier machine. Excellent experience! Professional, communicative, and ensured they met our expectations.”

– Emily Whitworth
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