Toner Cartridges

You can save up to 20%

or more by switching to COS printer toner cartridges!

We manufacture compatible toner cartridges for HP, Brother, Dell, Canon and many more printers.

COS is a local, Atlanta-based toner cartridge manufacturer and distributor. We supply HP-compatible toner cartridges online nationwide. If you're looking for HP-compatible toner cartridges that are high quality but cost-effective, use this page to learn more and shop online.

Here are some of out popular toner cartridges:

  • HP & Canon Compatible COS CF226A/X
  • HP Compatible COS CF237A
  • HP Compatible COS CF360A/X
  • HP Compatible COS CF361A/X
  • HP Compatible COS CF362A/X
  • HP Compatible COS CF363A/X
  • HP & Canon Compatible COS CF410A/X
  • HP & Canon Compatible COS CF411A/X
  • HP & Canon Compatible COS CF412A/X
  • HP & Canon Compatible COS CF413A/X
  • HP Compatible COS CF281A/X
  • HP Compatible COS CF280X
  • HP & Canon Compatible COS CE285A
  • HP Compatible COS CF230A/X

8 reasons why you should choose COS toner cartridges:

  1. Manufactured in the USA
  2. The cartridge success rate is higher than 99%!
  3. We add extra toner so you can print more.
  4. Our cartridges are tested rigorously before being distributed to our clients.
  5. Higher density, vibrant prints are delivered making our cartridges one of the best in the industry.
  6. We have free recycling options that help recycle up to 95% of the plastic used in our toner cartridges.
  7. We deliver a quality product that can lower your printing costs by up to 20%.
  8. Amazing warranty for the lifetime of the cartridge.

Get More from Your Supplies

Offices can take for granted the importance of toner supplies and the challenges they can pose. With Creative Office Solutions' American Made Printer Toner Supplies programs, you can manage your supplies better. We can help you get more value for your money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Auto-Supply & Auto-Restock

With our Auto-Supply Fulfillment and Auto-Restock programs, you can keep your supply levels where they need to be with minimal effort. We can send you printer toner as soon as you run low or mail you supplies each month.

Cartridge Collection Program

We also offer a free and extremely convenient Cartridge Collection Program. We’ll give you one of our toner collection boxes, which you fill with your empty cartridges. We’ll stop by periodically and take your cartridges away at no charge to you.

Printer Services

COS also offers outstanding printing-related services to maximize your productivity. We can service most leading equipment brands and show you how to optimize your processes. Check out these pages to find out more:

To discuss how our American Made Toner Supplies programs and other services can improve your operations, please contact our team.

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