Used Copiers In Atlanta – When Money Gets Tight

used sharp office copier printer

When money gets tight, and for many it is currently, when getting a copier – used is the way to go.  Maybe you are a health care system trying to keep up with the increased demand during these trying times.  Maybe you are an accountant who needs to send notices because of the stimulus package that was just passed. 

There are some businesses that, believe it or not, will actually be busier in these times, then there are others, who may be ready to get back to work here soon, but when they do need another copier, but due to stretching pennies now, will need to go with a used copier until their cash flow catches back up.

When we sell used copiers, we have technicians go through the copier to ensure the quality of the copier and not just take one off the street and flip it.  We know your business matters and need to be able to print smoothly and you are getting a used copier because of the savings, but that doesn’t mean you want a bunch of issues.

With our used copiers, we have rentals available for shorter term use as well as lightly used copiers for longer needs.  If you have a medical clinic, for example and need a copier for the next 2 months, we can help you out.  We are here to support our community in any way we can because we do believe we are all in this together.

Our primary copier brand is Sharp, though we also do have some HP units too.  We focus on the units we can support and give a great experience to our clients with.  If you need a color copier, a black and white copier or even desktop copiers for key staff as they are working from home, we would love to help.  We can even remote in and help provide technical support for users confused about driver or application printing.

If you are needing a used copier or a desktop copier in Atlanta, please give us a call or let us know!

Why Used?

  • Used copiers cost less
  • It is better for the environment
  • It is great for short term usage
  • It can be moved later when the staff are all back together
  • It is proven technology that has been inspected for quality

We have local copier technicians who can do repairs, local reps who care about your business.  We are a local team who needs your business just like you need the support of your local citizens.  We are here for you and have been for years.  We focus on customer care on service quality and good pricing.  We ensure whatever we put in the field will work for years to come.

Please call us if you need a used copier or copier repairs on any Sharp or HP copier. (678)501-4030